Send Max to College!

Let's get real for a second — this is one smart ass baby. OK? This kid already runs circles around Doogie Houser. He tells us he hopes to complete his doctoral thesis by age 11, if — his words — "if all of the fly honeys would chill out and let me focus on my work."

We do appreciate the ambition, and we certainly want to get this boy genius into a deserving college. So we did the research on financials, and we have setup a 529 plan to help get him there. It's a safe, tax-deferred account, which means that small mounds of money will quickly grow into giant mountain ranges of money; for books, tuition, housing, and other college expenses.

Cari and I are dumping money into it all the time, because we love this kid and want amazing things to happen for him. If you feel like contributing to the cause, please:

This site will always be free. But, for those so inclined, we encourage you to help send Max to college. Newsweek estimates that, by the year 2029*, college will cost approximately $2 billion at a public, four-year institute. We do appreciate the help.

Thanks, y'all!
— Jon & Cari

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